Targets - TB

Tuberculosis - the oldest disease known since the days of the Egyptian pyramids. To date, disclosed many of the "secrets" of the disease. However, at the present time TB is widespread. The disease is a serious health and social problem. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one person in the world is newly infected with TB every second, every four seconds ill and dies every 10 seconds. Every year, 8 - 10 million TB infection becomes a disease, with 75% of patients are people of working age. In 2011, the world was found 8.7 million new TB cases (including 13% of co-infected with HIV) and 1.4 million people died from this infectious disease, including nearly one million deaths among HIV-negative people and 430,000 among people who were HIV-positive. According to the latest reports, "the silent killer" TB left the top ten leading causes of death, although it maintained its position among the 15 most insidious diseases. Almost 80% of TB cases among people living with HIV are in Africa. In Eastern Europe the incidence is much higher than the average in the European Region.
Tuberculosis can affect various organs and tissues of the human body: the eyes, bones, skin, intestines. But more often (90%) TB infection affects the respiratory system. According to WHO, about a third of the world's population - two billion people - are infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis and at risk of disease.